Xenian Phive Parramatta

V I S I O N 

Our vision is to provide superior and unique architectural lighting for commercial projects.

Xenian continually strives to supply leading edge lighting technology through our connections with some of the world’s most renowned and innovative lighting companies.

P R O F I L E 

Xenian works alongside the regions leading Lighting Designers, Architects, Interior Designers, Electrical Engineers and Facilities Managers.

For over ten years now, Xenian products have been supplied on more than 2,000 diverse and exciting projects throughout Australia, New Zealand, South-East Asia, the Pacific Islands and the Middle East.

S C O P E 

As a team, Xenian provides technical and sales support in the supply of high end, front of house architectural lighting.

The sectors we cover include hospitality, corporate tenancy, retail, infrastructure and public space.



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Xenian Ngarunga Nangama Artwork, EY Centre