Zebrahaus, Frankfurt

Trov Flex Shines Bright in Zebrahaus: Nominated for German Lighting Design Awards 2023

05/10/2023 - Zebrahaus, the striking new office space in Frankfurt's Europaviertel, has become a beacon of architectural innovation with the help of Ecosense Trov Flex lighting solutions. Nominated for the prestigious German Lighting Design Awards 2023 in the outdoor lighting/staging category, this project showcases Trov Flex's cutting-edge technology and design.

Zebrahaus, known for its distinctive white textile and black inset windows façade, exudes creativity and modernity. The challenge was to enhance its unique zebra effect during the night while remaining unobtrusive during the day. Traditional lighting solutions fell short of meeting these demands until Trov Flex entered the scene.

Ecosense’s Trov Flex L09, with its ultra-discreet profile measuring just 183mm wide and 95mm high, proved to be the ideal lighting solution. Its DALI-dimmable and IP67-rated luminaires with precision optics ensured uniform and subtle illumination, preserving the iconic zebra aesthetic.

The project was made possible through tool-free installation, where Trov Flex L09 luminaires seamlessly integrated into custom mounting brackets, covering nearly 1,000 metres of the façade in a matter of days. The result: an incredibly uniform, hot-spot-free beam that highlighted the Zebrahaus's stripes exactly as intended.

"We are thrilled to see Zebrahaus nominated for the German Lighting Design Awards 2023," said Georgie Torrens, CEO at Xenian Lighting. "This recognition underscores the innovative capabilities of Trov Flex in transforming architectural visions into stunning reality."

Zebrahaus, currently housing the Frankfurt office of Deloitte consulting services, is not just an office space but a testament to the power of innovative lighting solutions like Trov Flex in architectural design. Its nomination for the German Lighting Design Awards 2023 reaffirms Ecosense’s position as a leader in architectural lighting.

About Xenian Ecosense Trov Flex: Trov Flex L09 is an all-silicon, flexible luminaire with optis, Trov Flex L09 packs 2-step colour consistency into a durable package suitable for both exterior and interior use. It’s ultra-discreet profile makes it an ideal fit for applications where space is a premium. Features: dimmable to 0%, 3 beam angles, field cuttable every 15cm, 24V class 2, 90+ CRI, IP67 Rated for outdoor and indoor applications.

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Phive, Parramatta

Phive, community, cultural and civic hub, Parramatta

25/08/2023 - PHIVE is an architectural icon, with a bold design by award-winning French architect Manuelle Gautrand, in collaboration with Australian architectural firms Lacoste + Stevenson and Design Inc.

The lighting had to enhance this iconic building. The arches in the design made it possible to create something unique with light. To achieve the effect the architects had in mind, they went looking for an RGBW fixture that infringed as little as possible on the design of the building itself.

“CLS found this a wonderful challenge to take part in. In a project like this, lighting can really make all the difference. The vision of the architects was clear, and we managed to translate this vision into a lighting solution that matched it exactly, together with our partner from Australia, Xenian.” Jasper te Selle, Commercial Director | CLS LED

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Where the Eels Lie Down, by Reko Rennie 2023

Where the Eels Lie Down, by Reko Rennie 2023 - Client: UAP

14/08/2023 - Reko Rennie’s Where Eels Lie Down honours the history of the eel in Parramatta through a large-scale work representative of two eels rising from the ground and crossing each other as they play. Visitors will be able to walk under, around and through sections of the painted aluminium and granite artwork, which will reach approximately 7.5 metres high.

To enrich the immersive experience of the new public art installation, our goal was to extend its impact well into the evening hours. During the collaborative design stage with UAP, we recommended the Atex seamless light series LED, known for its exceptional ability to deliver dot-free LED illumination. This choice has proven particularly effective in seamless direct-view applications, a critical element for facade lighting in a lot of our projects. The result is a captivating and continuous visual experience that truly enhances our community's connection with the artwork.

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Georgie Torrens

Xenian Pty Ltd Appoints New Interim CEO and Expands Global Architectural Lighting

17/07/2023 - Xenian Pty Ltd, a leading provider of high-end front of house architectural lighting solutions, is excited to announce the appointment of Georgie Torrens as their new Interim CEO. With a strong background in global business operations and a passion for pushing the boundaries of architectural lighting, Georgie is poised to lead Xenian into a new era of innovation and growth.

Xenian continues to make significant strides in the industry, delivering high-end front of house architectural lighting guided by their in-house technical design and programming team. By year end, Xenian will have contributed to over 2,500 diverse projects across Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, and the Middle East.

"I am thrilled to join Xenian and be part of its remarkable journey," said Georgie. "With my extensive global experience, I am inspired by our reach and the opportunities to connect with clients and partners worldwide. I look forward to learning how they utilize Xenian's products to bring their creative visions to life."

Georgie acknowledges the invaluable contributions of the late Rick Cale, the founder of Xenian, whose dedication to the lighting industry and support for lighting designers continues to guide and inspire the Xenian team. While Georgie steps into the role without Rick's direct guidance, the team of experts at Xenian remain committed to collaboration and listening to those who have contributed to the company's success.

The decision to join Xenian was an easy one for Georgie, driven by the tremendous market opportunity, global partnerships, and exceptional brands represented by the company, including Color Konetics, Ecosense, and Linea Lights to name a few. With a background in building a global industrial design firm over the past two decades, Georgie's experience in manufacturing and delivering bespoke products to over 130 countries, positions them well to lead the company through the next phase.

Having developed a passion and appreciation for the power of lighting during her work with Neoz Lighting, Georgie is dedicated to bringing that same passion to Xenian. They are committed to continuing the global search for the latest technology, offering high-quality products for architectural lighting, and providing exceptional services to support client success.

"We are excited about the future of Xenian and the opportunities that lie ahead," added Georgie. "I would like to express my gratitude to all our stakeholders for their support, and I eagerly anticipate personal meetings with many of industry peers in the coming weeks and months."

About Xenian Xenian is a leading provider of high-end front of house architectural lighting solutions. With a focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Xenian delivers exceptional lighting products, bespoke production and services to clients across Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, and the Middle East.

Xenian is the Official Australian Distributor of: Color Kinetics, Ecosense, Linea Light, SOORA, i-LED, Light Projects, LiteLab, Lumisphere, MADRIX Lighting Control, UFO fibre optic lighting, Whitegoods Lighting & Accessories, ALTO, & ATEX.