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Atex LED lighting products, including LED Flexible Lights (named as Silicone Lights), are being applied in a wide variety of fields and are helping to meet today increased demand for energy conservation.

Xenian Atex
Tsubaki Seamless Light Series
Dot free LED Strip for seamless direct view applications such as facade lighting and other architectural features.
Xenian Atex
Tape Light Series
Tape Light provides powerful out-put in one of the lowest profile LED available. Durable and designed for permanent installations.
Xenian Atex
Long Silicone Light Series
Long Silicone Light is a family of durable and flexible lighting strands. You can bend horizontally to meet any architectural feature.
Xenian Atex
Super Silicone Light Series
Super Silicone Light provides highly flexible LED lighting strands for architectural and contour lighting applications. Super Silicone proprietary fixture design flexes at each node providing dynamic shaped lighting for unique applications.
Xenian Atex
Slit Light Series
Slit Lights are pencil-thin, low wattage fixtures for illuminating cabinets, showcases, and shallow architectural lines and niches.
Xenian Atex
Cove Light Series
Cove Light is a sleek, low profile fixture that cleanly installs in virtually any soffit, cove, or niche.
Xenian Atex
Ultra Film Light
Ultra Film light provides a matrix of wide distribution LEDs on a flexible mounting board. The product’s virtually non-existent profile makes it ideal for smoothly backlighting any patterned or translucent material on flat, contoured or undulating surfaces.