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Universal Fibre Optics specialise in complete fibre optic lighting systems for the architectural, commercial, conservation, sensory and residential sectors.

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LED Light Sources For Fibre Optic Lighting
The light source provides the illumination to any fibre optic lighting system
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End Fittings For Fibre Optic Lighting
Some types serve the function of focussing and/or directing the light, while others give a purely decorative finish to the ends of the fibre.
Paver Fittings / Downlight Fittings / Sparkle Fittings / Crystal Fittings
Submersible Fittings / Hermetic Fittings
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Fibre Optic Harnesses
There are two general types of harnesses available - glass and PMMA, and these are further broken down into end lit or side emitting types.
End Lit Glass / Glass Side Glow / End Lit PMMA / Side Emitting PMMA
Ezefix Termination System
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MetroLED Configurable Lighting
These systems can feature a mixture of LED spotlights and linear modules in any combination. The LED's can be on both the horizontal bar and on the vertical legs if desired.
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Attracta Magnetic Lighting
The system comprises an extruded aluminium track which is paired with any number of magnetic Attracta fittings. The fitting's magnetic attraction to the track allows them to be freely placed, moved, slid and removed without any interference from wires or cables.
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Ionic Magnetic Track Lighting
The ultimate magnetic track lighting system for display lighting. Featuring a discrete, low profile track and a wide range of fitting options, the Ionic fittings can be dimmed either locally, globally or in a combination of both
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Fibre Optic Chandelier Manufacture & Design
Unlimited Light UL Is Leading Manufacturer Of Chandeliers And Light Features For The International Hospitality Industry, Producing World-Class, Quality Products, Built For Consistency, Reliability And Durability.